WOTW: 29th May – Getting Downing Dirty

WOTW: 29th May – Getting Downing Dirty

Tuesday Music: A big, juicy, delicious Waine covered in sauce followed by the dulcet tones of Steak Night. Something like that, I wasn’t really listening…

Fish and Chip Friday: See that delicious fish and chips in the picture? That could be yours 12-5 pm on Fridays.

LARGE: £11:00 and SMALL: £6.50

Friday Music: Group of seasoned musicians playing songs with a smile on their faces (guess that means they’ll be having a beer), tunes from the past 50 years.

Will Paul make another silly bet? Will the next winners have a name that we don’t have to censor? Find out at this Wednesday’s Quiz Night (in aid of Friends of Stratton Primary School).