Preston Gate Inn, Poughill near Bude

The Schambles!

The Schambles!


The Schambles! They epitomize the indie rock scene of the Southwest.

From 21.00

Featuring the electrifying The Schambles! Elevating stages from local pubs to prestigious festivals, The Schambles epitomize the indie rock scene of the Southwest. Starting as a cover band at Livewire youth music, they've progressed to writing their own original music and playing gigs all over Devon and Cornwall.
Their first release, 'Do One,' was a great success, receiving over 800 views in the first week! Their latest release, 'The More You Say,' has exceeded this, garnering 2000 views in the first week and increasing monthly listeners from 400 to 1500!
The Schambles are:
Charlie Casco - Lead singer and rhythm guitarist
Alex Earnshaw - Lead guitar
Jacob Beach - Bass guitar
Matthew Chapman - Drums
Don't miss this chance to see a fun, lively, and upbeat rock band taking over Devon and Cornwall one gig at a time!

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